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Contact us using the “Enter Your Postcode” and we will source our local professional, who will arrange the valuation with you.


We will create a plan based on your requirements to maximise the value of your land including consultations with specialists.


With your instructions and based on the plan, we will introduce your opportunity to several trusted developers.


Our local practitioner will advise you of all offers and negotiate the sale on your behalf to obtain the best land value possible.


The sale will be progressed to conclusion. This process will be manged via updates but also visible through our technology platform.


Where we are retained by the developer, there would be NO FEE to the vendor.


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Selling Your Land FAQs

What Information do you need to research or buy my property?

We really don’t need much! Our Sell My Land Form only requires you to list the name the property is listed under with the county, your contact information, and the state and county the property is located in. Adding additional information is recommended and filling out the form as completely as possible will help us research your property and get you an offer in less time.

Why shouldn’t I just sell this land on my own?

There are several reasons why it can be difficult to sell land on your own. The market for raw land is limited and it can often take months or years to sell a land property on your own. Finding bank financing for land is difficult, which means you’ll typically have to find cash buyers for your property. Without spending money on advertising, this is challenging. Many land properties are marketed with owner financing arrangements, meaning the owners must deal with the hassle of collecting monthly payments for years, and only receive a small amount each month. If you decide to list your property with a real-estate agent or broker, you may be disappointed to find that many brokers don’t commit much of their time or resources towards selling land, as it can be more difficult to sell, and commissions are typically lower.

Are there expenses involved in Selling my Land?

NO, not with us! There are no listings fees, advertising costs, or other costly hoops to jump through. We make selling land as easy as possible and, best of all, cover all closing costs! Here is a list of the typical costs you’d expect to pay when selling a property on your own. You can forget about paying any of these. We’ve got them covered!

  • Listing Fees
  • Advertising Costs
  • Photography costs to create a property listing
  • Broker Commissions
  • Title and Abstracting Fees
  • Escrow Fees
  • Deed and document prep fees
  • Recording Fees
  • Transfer Taxes
What if there are back taxes or dues on my property?

Selling your land to us does not require any money out of pocket. Any back taxes or dues will be negotiated as part of our offer prior to reaching an agreement. In the case that money is owed in back taxes or dues, those amounts can be deducted from the final closing price. In some cases, when the back taxes or dues are minimal, we will cover them in advance to make the process simpler and easier for you. What’s important is you will NEVER have to spend any of your own money to sell your property to us.

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